Board Meeting Agenda - 2019.11.04





Monday, November 4, 2019

5:30 p.m.


  1. Call meeting to order and determination of a quorum.

 II.       Recognition of guests.

  1. Comments from the public on non-agenda items
  1. Approve the Agenda

IV.      Resignation of Personnel:

          A. Brooke Wilson – Head Softball Coach

V.       Employment of Personnel:

          A. Katie Arentson – High School Special Education Associate

VI. Approval of Early Retirement Plan Requests

          A. Matt Koesters – Transportation Director

          B. Nancy Osborn – School Nurse, High School Heath Occupational Teacher, and HOSA Sponsor

          C. Diana Rauterkus – High School Business Teacher and Yearbook Sponsor

          D. Brent Tucker – High School Science Teacher

          E. Kim Zaccone – Middle School STEM/Math Teacher, Middle School Instructional Coach, Middle School Building Instructional Leader, and Math Bee Sponsor

VII.     Policy Review/Approval – First Reading

          A. Policy 200.1 Organization of the Board of Directors

          B. Policy 200.2 Power of the Board of Directors

          C. Policy 200.3 Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

          D. Policy 200.R1 Organizational Meeting Procedures

          E. Policy 201 Board of Directors’ Elections

          F. Policy 202.1 Qualifications

          G. Policy 202.2 Oath of Office

          H. Policy 202.3 Term of Office

          I. Policy 202.4 Vacancies

          J. Policy 203 Board of Directors’ Conflict of Interest

          K. Policy 204 Code of Ethics

          L. Policy 205 Board Member Liability

          M. Policy 206.1 President

          N. Policy 206.2 Vice-President

          O. Policy 206.3 Secretary

          P. Policy 206.4 Treasurer

          Q. Policy 207 Board of Directors’ Legal Counsel

          R. Policy 208 Ad Hoc Committees

          S. Policy 208.E1 Ad Hoc Committees Exhibit

          T. Policy 209.1 Development of Policy

          U. Policy 209.2 Adoption of Policy

          V. Policy 209.3 Dissemination of Policy

          W. Policy 209.4 Suspension of Policy

          X. Policy 209.5 Administration in the Absence of Policy

          Y. Policy 209.6 Review and Revision of Policy

          Z. Policy 209.7 Review of Administrative Regulations

          AA. Policy 210.1 Annual Meeting

          AB. Policy 210.2 Regular Meeting

          AC. Policy 210.3 Special Meeting

          AD. Policy 210.4 Work Sessions

          AE. Policy 210.5 Meeting Notice

          AF. Policy 210.6 Quorum

          AG. Policy 210.7 Rules of Order

          AH. Policy 210.7R1 Rules of Order Regulation

          AI. Policy 210.8 Board Meeting Agenda

          AJ. Policy 210.8E1 Board Meeting Agenda Example

          AK. Policy 210.9 Consent Agenda

          AL. Policy 210.10 Order of the Regular Board of Directors’ Meeting

          AM. Policy 211 Open Meetings

          AN. Policy 212 Closed Sessions

          AO. Policy 213 Public Participation in Board Meetings

          AP. Policy 213.R1 General Complaints by Citizens

          AQ. Policy 214 Public Hearings

          AR. Policy 215 Board of Directors’ Records

          AS. Policy 216.1 Association Membership

          AT. Policy 216.2 Board of Directors’ Member Development and Training

          AU. Policy 216.3 Board of Directors’ Member Compensation and Expenses

          AV. Policy 217 Gifts to Board of Directors

VIII.    Discussion Items

          A. Superintendent Search

B. Administrator Report

          1. Jeff Moser – Primary School and Intermediate School Principal

IX.     Adjournment