303.09 Administrator Consulting/Outside Employment


An administrative position is considered full-time employment.  The board expects administrators to give the responsibilities of their positions in the school district precedence over other employment.  An administrator may accept consulting or outside employment for pay as long as, in the judgment of the board and the superintendent, the work is conducted on the administrator's personal time and it does not interfere with the performance of the administrative duties contracted by the board. The administrator should inform the superintendent of their outside consulting or employment. 

The board reserves the right, however, to request the administrator cease the outside employment as a condition of continued employment.  The board will give the administrator thirty days notice to cease outside employment.

Legal Reference:       
Iowa Code §§ 279.8, .21 (2013).

Cross Reference:       
303.3 Administrator Contract and Contract Nonrenewal

303.5 Administrator Duties

Adopted: 12.16.2019

Reviewed: 05.16.2022