Board Minutes - 2020.01.06



(For approval on 1-20-2020)

JANUARY 6, 2020

The Board met for a regular meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, January 6, 2020, in the Board Room at Harlan Community High School. President Amy Rueschenberg presided with Board members Jessica Anderson, Al Hazelton, Tarah Devlin-Lawler, Joni Larsen, Seth Piro, and Monte Schechinger present.

Administrators Present:                  Lynn Johnson, Scott Frohlich, Bill Mueller, and Jeff Moser     

Media:                                                Bob Bjoin and Brian Taylor

APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Anderson moved, seconded by Hazelton, to approve the agenda.  Motion carried 7-0.

DISCUSSION ITEMS: The board discussed a cooperative 28E agreement for Statewide Voluntary Preschool with Shelby County Catholic Schools and Mr. Moser gave an administrator report.


RESIGNATION OF PERSONNEL:  Hazelton moved, seconded by Piro to approve the resignation of Kayla Weis as HS Girls Tennis Coach. Motion carried 7-0.

EMPLOYMENT OF PERSONNEL:  Schechinger moved, seconded by Larsen to approve the employment of Broghan Kelly as HS Assistant Wrestling Coach; Katie Arentson as HS Girls Tennis Coach; Toshia Kasperbauer as Head Softball Coach; and Marie Sauvain as HS Special Education Associate. Motion carried 7-0.

CONSENT AGENDA:  Anderson moved, seconded by Piro to approve the non-personnel special education contracts with Tri-Center and AHSTW. Motion carried 7-0.

POLICY REVIEW/APPROVAL – FIRST READING/FINAL REVIEW:  Piro moved, seconded by Devlin-Lawler to approve the first reading and final review of policies as presented. Policy 400 – Role of and Guiding Principles for Employees; Policy 401.6 – Limitations to Employment References; Policy 401.8 – Recognition for Service of Employees; Policy 402.1 – Release of Credit Information; Policy 402.2 – Child Abuse Reporting; Policy 402.6 – Employee Outside Employment; Policy 403.1 – Employee Physical Examinations; Policy 403.2 – Employee Injury on the Job; Policy 403.3E1 – Hepatitis B Vaccine Information and Record; Policy 403.6E2 – Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Acknowledgment Form; Policy 403.6E3 – Drug and Alcohol Program and Pre-Employment Testing Written Consent to Share Information; Policy 405.1 – Licensed Employee Defined; Policy 406.1 – Licensed Employee Compensation; Policy 406.2 – Licensed Employee Compensation Advancement; Policy 406.3 – Licensed Employee Continued Education Credit; Policy 406.4 – Licensed Employee Compensation for Extra Duty; Policy 406.5 – Licensed Employee Group Insurance Benefits; and Policy 406.6 – Licensed Employee Tax Shelter Program are new policies and will be officially adopted at the second and final reading at the next meeting. Policy 401.1 – Equal Employment Opportunity; Policy 401.2 – Employee Conflict of Interest; Policy 401.3 – Nepotism; Policy 401.4 – Employee Complaints;  Policy 401.7 – Employee Travel Compensation; Policy 401.9 – Employee Political Activity; Policy 401.10 – Credit and Procurement Cards; Policy 402.4 – Gifts to Employees; Policy 403.4 – Hazardous Chemical Disclosure; Policy 403.5 – Substance-Free Workplace; Policy 403.5E1 – Substance-Free Workplace Notice to Employees;  Policy 403.6 – Drug and Alcohol Testing Program; Policy 403.6E1 – Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Notice to Employees; Policy 404.1R1 – Employee Conduct Regulations; Policy 405.3 – Licensed Employee Individual Contracts; Policy 405.4 – Licensed Employee Continuing Contracts; and Policy 405.9 – Licensed Employee Probationary Status are current policies that the board will be reviewing again to finalize revisions at the next meeting. Policy 401.5 – Employee Records; Policy 401.11 – Employee Orientation; Policy 402.3 – Abuse of Students by School District Employees; Policy 403.3 – Communicable Diseases – Employees; Policy 403.3R1 – Universal Precautions Regulation; Policy 403.5R1 – Substance-Free Workplace Regulation;  Policy 404 – Employee Conduct and Appearance; Policy 404.1R2 – Employee Code of Rights and Responsibilities Regulation; Policy 405.2 – Licensed Employee Qualifications, Recruitment, Selection; and Policy 405.8 – Licensed Employee Evaluation were reviewed by the board with no changes. Policy 401.5R1 – Employee Records Regulation; Policy 401.12 – Employee Use of Cell Phones; Policy 401.12R1 – Employee Use of Cell Phones Regulation; Policy 401.13 – Staff Technology Use/Social Networking; Policy 401.13R1 – Staff Technology Use/Social Networking Regulation are current policies that will be tabled for further review. Policy 405.5 – Licensed Employee Work Day; Policy 405.6 – Licensed Employee Assignment; and Policy 405.7 – Licensed Employee Transfers are all new policies that the board will not be adopting. Motion carried 7-0.

UPCOMING EVENTS AND COMMUNITY UPDATES:  The board discussed the board budget workshop set for February 17th following the regular meeting and the community engagement meeting tentatively set for March 9th.                   

ADJOURNMENT:  Anderson moved, seconded by Devlin-Lawler to adjourn.  Motion carried 7-0 and the meeting was adjourned at 7:03 p.m.

Next Meeting:  – January 20, 2020, 5:30 p.m. – Board Room


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