Board Meeting Agenda - 2020.07.23







July 23, 2020


5:30 P.M.

                                                            Finance: Schechinger/Devlin-Lawler


  1. Call meeting to order and determination of a quorum
  2. Public Forum

In accordance with Policy 213 - Public Participation in Board Meetings the board recognizes the importance of citizen participation in school district matters.  In order to assure citizens are heard and board meetings are conducted efficiently and in an organized manner, the board has set aside this specific time for public comment.  

Citizens wishing to address the board during public comment must notify the board secretary no later than 2 hours prior to the board meeting. The board president will recognize these individuals to make their comments at the appropriate time during public comment.  Citizens wishing to present petitions to the board may also do so at this time.  The board however, will only receive the petitions and not act upon them or their contents.  

Normally, speakers will be limited to five minutes.  However, the board president may modify this time limit, if deemed appropriate or necessary.  Public comment is a time set aside for community input, but the board will not discuss or take any action on any matter during public comment.  Only individuals recognized by the board president will be allowed to speak.  Comments by others are out of order.  If disruptive, the individual causing disruption may be asked to leave the board meeting.

  1. Approve the Agenda
  2. Presentations
  3. Discussion Items
    1. District 6 Board Vacancy
    2. Staffing Update
  4. Action Items:
    1. Resignation of Personnel:

1.           Marie Sauvain – HS Special Education Associate

    1. Approval of TLC Contracts:
      1. Instructional Coach – Paula Kjergaard and Tanya Bruck
      2. Behavior Coach – Dawn Vanden Berg
      3. Building Instructional Leader – Shelly Christensen, Kelsey Schechinger, Kay Goshorn, Kate Applegate, Carrie Kiesel, Lynelle Bjoin, Gina Schmitz, Ann Heithoff, Paula Kjergaard, Julie Monson, Amy Kaster, Angie Spangenberg, Sandy Meyer, Joan Musich, Deb Brix, Becki Milliken, Linda Peterson, Jared Boysen, Tanya Bruck, Carmen Nelson, Andrew Sandquist, Jacie White, Holly Borkowski, Justine McCall,
    2. Return to Learn Plan
  1. Consent Agenda

1. Minutes

                    1. June 22, 2020 – Regular Meeting

                    2. July 16, 2020 – Board Workshop

     2. Accounts Payable

                    1. June and July Pre-Paid Warrants

                    2. July General Fund (Operating Warrants)

                    3. Student Activity Fund Warrants

                    4. Trust Fund Warrants

                    5. Agency Fund Warrants

                    6. Physical Plant and Equipment Fund Warrants

  1. Policy Review

1. Policy Approval – Second/Final Reading

Policy 501.14 – Open Enrollment Transfers – Procedures as a Sending District

Policy 602.4 – Pilot – Experimental – Innovative Projects

Policy 603.1 – Basic Instruction Program

Policy 603.2 – Summer School Instruction

Policy 603.5E1 – Human Growth and Development Student Excuse Form

Policy 603.6 – Physical Education

Policy 603.8 – Teaching about Religion

Policy 603.8R1 – Teaching about Religion Regulation – Religious Holidays

Policy 603.9 – Academic Freedom

Policy 603.9R1 – Teaching Controversial Issues

Policy 604.1 – Competent Private Instruction

Policy 604.2 – Individualized Instruction

Policy 604.4 – Program for At-Risk Students

Policy 604.7 – Dual Enrollment

Policy 604.8 – Foreign Students

Policy 604.9 – Home School Assistance Program

Policy 605.6 – Technology – Appropriate Use

Policy 605.6E1 – Internet Access Permission Letter to Parents

Policy 605.6R1 – Technology Appropriate Use Regulation

Policy 606.1 – Class Size – Class Grouping

Policy 606.2 – School Ceremonies and Observances

Policy 606.3 – Animals in the Classroom

Policy 606.4 – Student Production of Materials and Services

Policy 606.5 – Student Field Trips and Excursions

Policy 607.1 – Student Guidance and Counseling Program

Policy 607.2R1 – Student Health Services Regulation

2. Policy Approval – First Reading

          Policy 409.2E1 – Emergency Paid Sick Leave Request Form

          Policy 409.2E2 – Expanded Family and Medical Leave Request Form

          Policy 501.9 – Student Absences – Excused

          Policy 501.9E1 – Request for Remote Learning Request Form

          Policy 601.2 – School Day

          Policy 604.11 – Appropriate Use of Online Learning Platforms

          Policy 907 – District Operation During Public Emergencies

          Policy 907.R1 – District Operation During a Public Health Emergency


  1. Adjournment