713 Electronic Records and Signatures


In order to efficiently conduct the business of the School District, the Board of Directors authorizes the sending and acceptance of electronic records to and from other persons or entities the same as original records. The Board further authorizes the use and acceptance of electronic signatures on records the same as originally signed records.

The Board authorizes the creation, storage, and use of electronic records and records bearing electronic signatures for the following records and contract documents or as otherwise authorized by the Board from time to time, to the extent permitted by law:

Employment & Personnel Forms

Certified Personnel Contracts

Classified Personnel Contracts

Agency Contracts & Agreements

28E Agreements

Independent Contractor Agreement

Procurement Contracts for equipment, supplies, and services

The Board President, or the Superintendent as may be permitted for certain contracts under Iowa law, is authorized to create and affix an electronic signature for the execution of authorized electronic records and contracts on behalf of the School District.  The signature shall be an electronic sound, symbol or process attached to or logically associated with the record and executed or adopted with the intent to sign.  The signature shall be attributable to the Board President or the Superintendent through authentication by the Board Secretary, as the case may be, if it was the act of such person as shown in any manner.  This electronic signature shall satisfy the legal requirements in the law where a signature is required.

Legal Reference:       
Iowa Code § 279.8; Iowa Code § 279.13; Iowa Code § 279.20; Iowa Code § 279.23; Iowa Code § 4.1(39); Iowa Code Chapter 554D.

Adopted: 4.12.2021